Thursday, June 26, 2008

[HvEXAS] Waste to Work at Schenectady Museum June 28

Museum &
science center of tech valley

For Immediate Release
June 26, 2008
Contact: Erin M. Breslin

518.382.7890 x 223



Please include in all on-air, web, and print calendars:


Waste to Work: Everymans Source

Saturday, June 28

2:00 PM

Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium

15 Nott Terrace Heights, Schenectady 


FREE with Museum admission


See Waste to Work, a special presentation by Olivia Robinson and Daniela Kostova which transforms our everyday sweat into powerful energy.  This Edison Media Project promises to surprise and illuminate you!  Kostova and Robinson will use video and an installed cabinet of batteries to illustrate how they developed batteries powered by their own sweat.  The power produced by the sweat batteries will illuminate a world map of LED shapes that designate centers of manufacturing and labor.








Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium, Nott Terrace Heights, Schenectady, NY 12308

Phone: 518-382-7890 Fax: 382-7893



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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

[HvEXAS] new titles

P. O. BOX 1956
phone 845 339 6858 ­ fax 845 338 5986 ­


UPC: 600323390828

Pauline Oliveros, accordion with Expanded Instrument System
Peer Bode, live text with Bode Vocoder
Andrew Deutsch, live mixing, archival recordings, samples, loops and

Voice Coil was performed by the Carrier Band in the fall of 2003 at the Deep
Listening Space in Kingston, New York. Pauline Oliveros performed on
accordion and computer based Expanded Instrument System, Peer Bode performed
live text with his Bode Vocoder, and Andrew Deutsch performed live mixing,
archival recordings from the Bode archive, samples, loops and electronics.
Voice Coil is an example of an improvisation emphasizing the integration of
analog systems and new digital tools between performers both living and
deceased. In 2007 Andrew Deutsch added about 35 minutes of short overdubs
to the recordings and has brought the recording closer to what the audience
heard at the Deep Listening Space. Furthermore, the overdubs provide added
depth to the work for repeated listening.

Frozen Speaker is an electronic composition by Andrew Deutsch and features
sections from Oliveros¹s Music for Expo 70. Video Voice uses sounds from
Pauline Oliveros¹s electronic works V of IV and Mewsak, as well as elements
of Stephen Vitiello¹s Light Meter recordings.

The Carrier Band was formed in 1998 when Pauline Oliveros, Peer Bode, and
Andrew Deutsch performed 3 improvisations at Alfred University that were
later released as the Carrier CD on the Deep Listening label.


109 west 27 street,eighth floor, ny, ny 10001
phone 212 627 0990 fax 212 627 5504 email

July 2008 Release

(Mutable 17529-2)
(UPC: 801021752929)

The Somewhere Songs, for baritone, environmental, and electronic sounds:
Thomas Buckner, baritone voice
The Invention of Memory, for baritone, string ensemble, guitar, and piano:
Thomas Buckner, baritone voice; "Blue" Gene Tyranny, piano

"The most original aspect of Tyranny's works is the way they create
continuity: they're tonal, yet rigorously asymmetrical. They satisfy the ear
without letting it take anything for granted. They evolve, not with the
cyclic predictability of everyday life, but with the labyrinthine
irreversibility of deep psychic forces. They say what they have to say
perfectly." ‹ Kyle Gann, The Village Voice

This beautiful new recording by "Blue" Gene Tyranny includes the mysterious
The Somewhere Songs cycle (1997-2001) for baritone voice and electronics,
and The Invention of Memory (2003-2005) a lyrical discourse for baritone
voice, string ensemble, guitar, and piano,
The Somewhere Songs concerns friendships in or undergoing difficult
circumstances. The narrator, in a sense, builds his own circumstantial world
as he sings - the vocal part was composed first by singing spontaneously and
the "transitional systems" (pitch/rhythm, etc., material) were derived from
that vocal line to generate other acoustic and electronic parts. The
question of the "true intentions" of the two former friends is of course
left to the listener.
The Invention of Memory is about the behavior and physiology of the brain.
In the course of reading, Tyranny was struck by what seemed to be rough
parallels between the way that people have described forms of memory and
certain musical procedures. This thought created a strange sensation in him
- something about the true nature of music. The Invention of Memory was
written to research this nameless correlation. An initial "Song", heard in a
piano solo at the outset, provides a basic reference to which the players
return, similar to a past event that is recalled in varied ways. The Song is
then "scanned" by the players employing different musical procedures. Some
of the musical forms employed are traditional (canonic imitation,
passacaglia) while the majority are compositional procedures Tyranny
developed for earlier pieces, including melodic transfers within a closed
loop (from the transformational lattice score of Stars Over San
Francisco,1972), drone with internal motion (from The Interior
Distance,1959), camouflage (from Sleeping Beauty in Camouflage, 1992), and
the song modulated by its own internal voice ("gravity" modulation from The
Driver's Son, 1989 - present).

"Blue" Gene Tyranny, composer and pianist of avant garde music, has toured
extensively in solo and group concerts throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada,
Mexico and Brazil. He also played in teenage rock bands and for a gospel
church. He has composed over fifty works for electronic, instrumental and
vocal ensembles, over thirty film and video soundtracks, and fifty scores
for dance and theatre productions. He has performed on many albums and
performed with such diverse performer-composers as Robert Ashley, Peter
Gordon, Laurie Andersen, John Cage, Leroy Jenkins, David Behrman, Brenda
Hutchinson, Jon Gibson, William Duckworth (The Cathedral Band), Phil
Perkins, Ben Manley, Carla Bley, Iggy Pop, Lise Vachon and many others.


109 west 27 street,eighth floor, ny, ny 10001
phone 212 627 0990 fax 212 627 5504 email

July 2008 Release

(Mutable 17530-2)
(UPC: 801021753025)

Nils Bultmann: Viola, Keyboards, Wurlitzer, breath and vocals
Roscoe Mitchell: Tenor saxophone: track 2, 3, & 14: flute: track 8
Parry Karp: Cello: track 3, 4 and 5; Paddy Cassidy: Djembe: track 3

This project was created from a series of improvisations, compositional
sketches, and field recordings. With the help of Pro Tools it has evolved
into this present form.

Nils Bultmann is a violist, improviser, and composer currently based in the
San Francisco Bay area. Rooted in classical technique and tradition, he has
developed his own voice within the context of a wide variety of musical
styles and art forms. Active as a performer in the United States and Europe,
he plays both classical repertoire as well as his own compositions and is
involved in collaborative projects of dance, film, and avant-garde
improvised music. \

He has generated an expansive body of work in the recording studio,
including solo and multi-track viola music as well as collaborative and
improvised material. He also writes through-composed works for traditional
instrumentation including for solo pieces, string quartets, and orchestral
music. He has appeared as a soloist with orchestra premiering his own work.

As an improviser, he has worked with Ken Butler, David Wessel, Frank
Gratkowski, Myra Melford, Evan Parker, and Roscoe Mitchell. In September
2004 he was a guest at the International Symposium for Improvised music in
Munich, Germany to perform two new works by jazz saxophonists¹ Roscoe
Mitchell and Evan Parker, as part of the Transatlantic Art Ensemble which
was recorded and released on ECM Records.


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Thursday, June 19, 2008

[HvEXAS] Michel Waisvisz, 1949-2008; director of STEIM

Michel Waisvisz passed away peacefully in his home last night after fighting the mean cells in his body for the last eight months.

He was born on the 8th of July 1949 and lead STEIM as Director for 27 years. He left us on a day when artists and friends from around the world gathered downstairs to perform for a full-house season-closing concert.

Michel was a musician, visionary and occasional gardener - touched by sound and forever happy to be surprised. He was the source of an enormous surge of energy that continues to flow through STEIM into the world.

We will miss his touch, crackle, inspiration and constant improvisation of the now.

June 19, 2008 


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Friday, June 13, 2008

[HvEXAS] Fun Times // Five$$$ // Fuze Box

come dance with us tonight !
most especially if you've never come before . . .
this week... DISCO CITY!! (Funk/House/Electronica)
MUSIC = HAPPINESS ! ! ! !  [ + movement = release... if you are into that sort of thing... ]

Friday, June 13th
Fuze Box, Central Ave., Albany
10PM - 4AM 
5 Dollar$$$$

LAZER AND BLAZER host every second friday at the FUZE BOX ! ! !


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Thursday, June 12, 2008

[HvEXAS] Artificial Productions


Before I post information about our event this Friday night June 13th, I would like to introduce my self and say hello. My name is George Washburn I'm with a group of like minded individuals that will be producing a series of Electronica events throughout the Capital Region this summer and fall. We use the word electronica because we feel it best describes the wide range of electronic music genres that we tend to lean towards. Any artist in the area that would like to get a chance to perform should email me at


If you would like to know more you can visit are site posted above.


-Thank You



June 13th   2008

By Artificial Productions




The Fuze Box

12 Central Ave

Albany, NY


10pm to 4am


-----------------With Artists--------------------


Scott Bliss

Representing Discocentric, Boston MA

(Now residing in Boston, Scott Bliss has successfully run several disco / house nights throughout the city. Bring in artists from the DFA roster His skills and original track selections make him a perfect fit for out Disco City night.)


Robin Moreau

Representing The Red Dragons, Albany NY

(Originating from Utica, NY and now residing in Albany Robin has been booked all over New York playing along side the Likes of Tommie Sunshine and with a future gig opening for Jason Hodges at Ohm in Syracuse. Robin is sure to impress with her uncompromising taste in house music and mastery of the genre.)



Lazer & Blazer

Representing Artificial Productions, Albany NY

(Super awesome Gospel Dee Jays suffering from dirty electronica addictions! )


The Dance Party starts at 10pm till 4am.

There will be a $5 cover at the door

21+ to Drink

18 to Enter

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