Tuesday, August 16, 2005

ImageQuilt.com Explores The Raw Edge

Part theater group, part production company, and part community outreach Image Quilt helps people better themselves and their community through raw expression and no-holds-barred works.

Most recently the Albany-based power group put on "Iken's Perversion," a play about Love, Redemption, Poetry, Semen, and the bond between a skirt-wearing, older white man and a young black woman. The play featured Marishka Shanice Phillips & Doug Barron, was written by Diana Amsterdam, and was directed by Omonike Akinyemi.

Check out ImageQuilt.com to see what's next and help them help you find your voice.

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The Faux Press said...

This sounds like an inspired group of individuals. Wishing them (and you) all the best in this creative endeavor.

jonny goldstein said...

I like the way you are using video to promote theater. Showing lots of footage of the play wouldn't translate on the computer screen, but showing little snippets with the interviews works great.