Thursday, January 24, 2008

the official unofficial troy night out afterparty | fri. 01/25 from 9 pm to 3 am | rev. hall, troy, ny

The Official Unofficial Troy Night Out Afterparty
(presented by Goodship)

Friday, January 25, 2008
9 pm to 3 am
Revolution Hall
425 River Street, Troy, New York
FREE / got to be 16 to get in (ID required)

If we at Goodship had to make just one New Year's resolution that
would really get 2008 split up the middle, it would have to be... "do
something awesome" (to quote our good friend lazer). And while it
would certainly be awesome to buy $240 worth of pudding and love it
until the cows come home, we decided instead to hit the ground
running with the first official unofficial YEAH of the year. Your
favorite residents have taken the much-needed time off to travel,
reflect, boycott hacky sack in all its hydra-like forms, and learn
way more tricks to better move and shake shake shake you all of you.
There are few more gifts under the tree, though, as both Seth Cluett
and We Are Architects are making their OUTNOA (i do love an abbrev.)
debuts, which should excite and stimulate the senses in the best
possible way. plus VJ fielderblank and DJ orangecookie are cooking
up a pre-show window serenade that will get that ball rolling like it
has rolled for the first time, unrolled and still unsullied. "And
this will be our year / took a long time to come"...

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for smoke signals regarding Friday 02/15
at Rev. Hall - and make your Valentine's (the saint / holiday, not
the club in Albany) plans accordingly.


the lineup:

* Seth Cluett (detaching your collar - musically - is in his blood -
take a number a-sap)
* We Are Architects (and we are legitimately impressed and ready to
be rocked)

* face removal services (who knew my little buddy and my thesis
advisor could rock so freaking hard?)
* back from japan (he for real rolled a straight up 20 when the
attribute "throw-down-itude" came up - believe it)
* jenkins a.k.a. spit 'n polish a.k.a. dj flabbergasted (this dude
has chops - and his dj skills are not too shabby - what is shabby,
though, is the joke right inside this very parentheses)

* live video by skfl (allergic to allergies and words with "th" in
the middle), Blar (officially not allergic to the stupendous), and
maybe someone else (obviously allergic to skfl)

* a lovely pre-show window serenade from 5:30 to 9 pm by rise set
twilight (far too awesome to sully with small words other than
"sully" - and maybe "defenestrate")

* decor by the unbeatable team of percival l. mumford + captain
lemonade lampleg (martha stewart needs three quotes to even dream
about these dudes)

+ For more information on The Official Unofficial Troy Night Out
Afterparty, please visit or http://

+ For more information on Troy Night Out, please visit http://
+ For more information on Revolution Hall, please call 518.274.0553
or visit

+ For more information on Seth Cluett, please visit http://
+ For more information on We Are Architects, please visit http://
+ For more Information on face removal services, please visit http://

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