Monday, October 27, 2008

[HvEXAS] MV/EE + Wovoka in SARATOGA this Saturday night!

In between ASAC shows, we wanted to make sure you knew about this great event.  Do try to come up to Saratoga if you can - this is going to be a fantastic double bill, in a great venue.  See you there!
MV / EE & the Golden Road

The Arts Center
320 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Saturday November 1, 2008 at 8:00PM

$5 admission, all ages welcome

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see Vermont's MV / EE with
The Golden Road

MV & EE is a group of musicians focused around Matt Valentine,
sometimes referred to as MV, and his partner Erika Elder. Matt
Valentine was in the neo-psychedelic group, The Tower Recordings.
While the duo recorded under many different names, including MV & EE
Medicine Show, The Bummer Road, and The Golden Road
, most of the
records center around both artists and feature a rotating cast of
additional musicians. Their style is self-described as "lunar ragas",
with many of the lyrics dealing with celestial imagery. They combine
Indian raga style composition with Appalachian folk and
post-psychedelic electrical experimentalism. They use Western and
Eastern acoustic instruments amplified and augmented with effects
such as reverb, delay, and flange.

Read more about them at the ecstatic peace website

or visit their myspace page at

Then come see them in Saratoga!

Wovoka opens. According to Aquarius Records, Albany underground
legend Wovoka is a mysterious purveyor of "gloriously sun-baked, drug
drenched slabs of psychedelic free folk splendor." Using a variety of
strategies such as "simple tribal drumming, chanted vocals, spidery
psych-rock guitars, and long stretches of blissful Appalachia and
buzzing drone-like raga," Wovoka has been known to mesmerize with
their magical and rare live appearances. Wovoka's highly limited and
beautiful records have become sought after by collectors around the
globe. Their music has been described as "a totally tripped-out late
afternoon drift through a skeletal world of folky twang and abstract
rhythmic shuffle, super laid back and totally hypnotic." An essential
two record vinyl set of reissues is due out soon on Time-Lag Records
from Maine. Go to
for a sample!

Eric Hardiman
Albany Sonic Arts Collective

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