Friday, November 21, 2008

[HvEXAS] TONIGHT! The HA! Man / Dino Petrocelli / Art Night Schenectady

From South Africa, The HA! Man makes music that is both "dangerous" and beautiful.  To learn more, and to view a promo piece, please visit the following url:

To buy tickets, please visit:

Note that tonight is also ART NIGHT in Schenectady, so - in addition to The HA! Man - there's quite a bit more going on.  A couple of the things I'm particularly excited about include a custom motorcycle show in Proctors GE Theatre, and the associated Dino Petrocelli Motorcyle Photo Art exhibit in the Proctors Gallery:

Additionally, there will be spontaneous performances ("Pop Up Plays") throughout the facility tonight (with musical accompaniment by experimental vocal group, F'Loom):

Hope to see you there!
Paul Kz

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