Wednesday, February 04, 2009

[HvEXAS] Dance Party This Saturday Night

Come join us this Saturday night at Pinto & Hobbs 32 Dove St Albany, NY 12210, Doors open at 9pm until people stop dancing, entrance is free.

With DJ's…

Lazer & Blazer
Balearic kinda stuff??

The early-1990s Balearic Beat sound was typified by a distinctive, relatively heavy, slow (115–120 bpm), R&B-influenced beat consisting of bass drum, snare, and hi-hats programmed in certain laid-back, swing-beat patterns; plus soul, Latin, African, funk, and dub affectations; and production techniques borrowed from other styles of dance music particularly House, Dub & Disco. Vocals are sometimes present, but much of the music is instrumental. The sounds of acoustic instruments such as guitar and piano are sometimes incorporated into Balearic House.

Nicky Bruise
Tech house

Like progressive house, represents a fusion of house and techno. However, whereas progressive house tends to incorporate atmospheric, ethereal, almost ambient sounds and is often mixed to varying degrees with trance and progressive trance, tech-house tends to have more in common with soulfuldeep house, traditional Detroit-style techno, and contemporary minimal techno, with which it is often mixed in practice. As one reviewer for suggested this style fuses "steady techno rhythms with the soul and accessibility of house".

Mentally Ill
Drum and bass

Commonly abbreviated to d&b, DnB, dnb, d'n'b, drum n bass, drum & bass; also known as jungle, is a type of electronic dance music which emerged in the late 1980s. The genre is characterized by fast breakbeats (generally between 165–185 bpm, and also having occasional differences in some older compositions, with heavy sub-bass lines. Drum and bass began as an offshoot of the UK's rave scene of the very early 90s, and over the first decade of its existence there were many permutations in its style, incorporating elements from different musical genres.

George Washburn
Artificial Productions

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