Friday, June 25, 2010

[HvEXAS] TNO Afterparty! | Tonight, June 25th | 9pm-2am | Daisy Baker's | FREE!



The TNO Afterparty :: Summertimes Edition
Friday, June 25th, 2010

FREE!  |  18 to get in, 21 to drink (ID required)
Daisy Bakers | 33 2nd Street | Troy, NY | 518-266-9200
This month's music:  Jenkins, Properly Chilled, the McGillicuddy Serious Party

There's quite a buzz going on with electronic dance music lately, and there's a lot going this TNO. We highly recommend you check out as much as possible, including our wonderful little party in Troy. Troy folk, check out Albany early and end your night here. For the rest of you, start here and end wherever. Or just stay here the whole time, as Jenkins is ending the night. He might not play house, but he'll end it right. We've got Properly Chilled for the middle slot, so expect dance-o-mania in that department. And starting things off is a new combo of McGillicuddy and Back from Japan. We're still waiting to hear what they have planned, but expect madness and/or Kiwi Politics. Very serious stuff.

9pm-11pm: McGillicuddy Serious Party
11pm-12:30am: Properly Chilled
12:30am-2am: Jenkins

The last friday of every month, come for Troy Night Out and stay out late with us! Daisy Baker's, 9pm-2am, FREE, dance till you can't!

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