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[HvEXAS] Fwd: Forcefeel- Almost Lost/Barely Found on Remissive Records


The debut albums by Forcefeel and the debut releases from Remissive Records 
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Remissive Records

Almost Lost
Barely Found

(Remissive Records 001-2012)

Almost Lost and Barely Found were culled from a massive library of unreleased material recorded over the past decade, including one piece, "Maggot Grains", whose scum atmospherics are grouted by cassette grime created when the artist was a mere adolescent.

Forcefeel is a musician whose various rumblings played a minor role in the upstate New York and Philadelphia noise scenes. As one half of the duo m0dnAr, Forcefeel made damaged experimental synthpop whose careful prerecorded arrangements were complimented by an often frenzied and histrionic live show that brought performance art and visual thought pieces to roller rinks and coffee shops. As a member of the "spacedelic" outfit Lunch With Beardo, he went in the opposite direction- anonymous and collective-oriented improv that could maneuver between delicate drips of icy desolation and monolithic bursts of room-filling noise. During this time, he continued to develop, performing eclectic electronic sets as Autocratic Forcefeed and releasing a few conceptual tapes on FDH Records which proved largely unrepresentative of his overall sound range.

Almost Lost and Barely Found are the first recorded works we've heard from Forcefeel since 2007. Of the two, Almost Lost is the core release, a dark and dynamic opus of violent outbursts, sustained dread, malfunctioning sputters, and droning disarray. From the toxic haze of "Clean Air Act" to the cavernous hollows of "Alive", Almost Lost is intoxicated by unease, as if lurking in the liminal space between recognition and obscurity. Composed of a kitchen sink assortment of found and forged sounds including Philadelphia city street noise, sleep moaning, Israeli TV snippets, relaxation tapes, and, in the case of "Requisition for a Dream", CD-Rs designed to skip by intentional scarification, the fractional pieces on Almost Lost nonetheless sound like they were meant to be alongside one another.

Download Almost Lost: http://www.mediafire.com/?xyz629qfhzamvbg

Compared to Almost Lost, Barely Found is practically an afterthought. The tracks on this release are works that for years sounded incomplete, but now seem to be saying more by their absences (lacking both tonality and any sense of compositional control) than they might have had they been further fleshed out. Unlike the raw nerve endings on Almost Lost, the songs of Barely Found are skeletal and numb, all emotion ripped out to reveal an abstract, recondite, ghostly frame. The more purely tactile companion to Almost Lost, Barely Found is what happens when you come back from being completely lost, when all that's left is unrecognizable and who you were before you disappeared is irretrievable.

Download Barely Found: http://www.mediafire.com/?ve7247diva12cbp

As simply the tip of Forcefeel's vault, these two releases will be followed by several more in the months to come of 2012, which promise to deviate wildly from the prototype set forth here.


Remissive Records

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