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[HvEXAS] Re: TNO Afterparty | Tonight! Friday, April 27th, 2012 | Daisy Bakers's | Tag Team Sets by [ back from japan + il ] and [ jay travis + brad lee ]


Sorry, there was a bad joke in the last email that perhaps is confusing.  Jem Cohen is not free, and the beer at the Art Center also costs money.  I apologize if that was confusing.. there was an assumption people knew it wasn't free, and thus would make it a play on the free beer vs. free speech distinction.  Fail.

"Free beer" vs "free speech" distinction

In software development, where the cost of mass production is relatively small, it is common for developers to make software available at no cost. One of the early and basic forms of this model is called freeware. With freeware, software is licensed free of charge for regular use: the developer does not gain any monetary compensation.

With the advent of the free software movement, license schemes were created to give developers more freedom in terms of code sharing, commonly called open source or free and open source software (called FLOSS, FOSS, or F/OSS). As the English adjective free does not distinguish between "for zero price" and "liberty", the phrases "free as in free beer" (gratis, freeware) and "free as in free speech" (libre, free software) were adopted. Many in the free software movement feel strongly about the freedom to use the software, make modifications, etc., whether or not this freely usable software is to be exchanged for money. Therefore, this distinction became important.

"Free software is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer."
  —Richard Stallman[4]

On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 12:42, Kevin Luddy <> wrote:

The Troy Night Out Afterparty – 2012 Edition
Friday April 27th, 2012
9:30pm - FREE!

Check out the Facebook event:

Tonight is a busy night in Troy. Besides the amazing show at EMPAC, the Arts Center hosts a few goodship favorites at Level, an "exhibition of independent video games and other media works that explore the human life cycle and development from birth to death," 

When I hear video games and human life cycle, my first thought is a half-man, half-pirahna dancing to a remix of "A Winner is You" on a sunday night in Troy (listening to WRPI, obviously). So what better way to follow the Level fest than a Tag Team DJ spectacular? It's twice the DJ!

Starting off we have a new experiment from DJ's back from japan and il. This is the first time they've played out together, but I'd expect lots of Nicolas Jaar + 80's edits.

Finishing off the night, or depending how you look at it, getting the good part started, are veteran DJ's Jay Travis + Brad Lee. Jay played TNO for the first time in January and we're glad to have him back. Brad played the old Goodship Tuesdays for the first time in 2001 or so. He must have been about 14 then...

9:30(ish) - back from japan + il
11:30(ish) - brad lee + jay travis

Also tonight:

Level @ Arts Center tonight, 5pm (free as in beer)

Jem Cohen @ EMPAC tonight, 8pm (free as in jazz)

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