Wednesday, March 12, 2008

[HvEXAS] Hear iEar presents The Hudson Mohawk Sound Gate Radio Show

Dear Friends,

I would like to announce the second realization of my current project,
The Hudson Mohawk Sound Gate:
a radio program every Wednesday on WRPI Troy, 91.5 FM from noon until 2pm.

Live internet streaming can be found at

For the next several months, I will guide a time traveling listening
experience designed to discover the Earth, its people and creations that
together compose the soundscape of upstate New York alongside the Hudson
and Mohawk Rivers, and in particular the area where these great rivers meet.

Through lecture, narration, music and field recordings, every show will
journey into past informational representations of Deep Time, Native
American Worlds, European Colonization, and the United States. Likewise
every show will reflect the present local soundscape as well as
concerns, ideas and visions of the future.

I would like to invite you to contribute to this project through your
knowledge and representation. I will be pleased to accept sound
recordings of music, poetry, story, science, religion and any other
elements describing or composing the local soundscape. I will be happy
to read text, and travel to record musicians, storytellers and other
areas of interest. The significance of the contribution is not to be
undermined, as every element makes an important interference into the
sound field.

I would also like to announce a website designed for the archival and
directory of this project:

Both the radio show and website will begin Wednesday March 12, 2008.

happy listening,
Charles Veasey

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