Wednesday, March 04, 2009

[HvEXAS] Nona Hendrix sings thru her Tutu!

Nona Hendryx will perform in the GE Theatre at Proctors on Friday, April 3, 2009 at 7:30 P.M. as part of our Dangerous Music Series.  Begining her career as one third of the Funk Rock group Labelle (best known for the hit "Lady Marmalade"), Nona Hendryx emerged as the primary writer for the trio, breaking free of the "girl group" pigeon-holing of the time to fully embrace the groups previously unheard of Space Age Glam Goddess look and sound.

Nona Hendryx believes the voice is the most complex instrument, and has made finding novel and compelling ways to use it her lifelong journey.  Using wireless electronic instruments, Nona is able to produce vocal and instrumental sounds along with choreographed movement, creating what she calls "SoundPlays".  Nona uses both prepared and improvised musical compositions, along with random triggered images and lights to create unique and unrepeatable "audio tutu" performances.  With non-traditional, self-powered instruments such as computers, samplers and wireless microphones, Nona is "untethered" and able to use the entire space as a stage.  She considers the ability to perform in unexpected spaces inspiring and exciting.

Over the past three years Nona has worked with many young rappers, poets and hip-hop artists, ranging from a cameo appearance in an India Arie video, to a duet with Bounty Killer, to production and co-writer for a new film, On the One, with Rahzel, Dead Prez's M1, and Res's producers Doc and Khaliyl. 

Nona is a Grammy Nominee for "Rock This House" (featuring Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones on guitar) and an Emmy Nominee for her collaboration with Jason Miles on the composition "Children of the World" recorded by Sounds of Blackness for the Disney animated children's special, "People".

Tickets for Nona Hendryx in the GE Theatre at Proctors on Friday, April 3, 2009 at 7:30 P.M. as part of the Dangerous Music Series are $16. Tickets are available at Proctors Box Office, (518) 346-6204, or online at

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