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[HvEXAS] Reminder! EMPAC | Unfiction on Safari | Thursday, March 19, 7 PM

It is a busy weekend here at EMPAC - hope to see you at some / all of these...

Unfiction on Safari 
Thursday, March 19, 7 PM

A collection of three films: Olaf Breuning's Home 2, Sascha Paladino's Throw Down Your Heart with Bela Fleck; and Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gomez-Peña's The Couple in the Cage, together, present a complex terrain of intention and action surrounding tourism, cultural interchange, appropriation, and hybridity. Unfiction is not going "on safari" — but using the idea of safari as a way to look at the site of intercultural one-way mirroring: where the viewer seems not to understand the exchange as being visible to both parties involved along the same human lines.

In their own way, each film illuminates an aspect of this exchange, one that becomes increasingly important to examine as we hurtle towards ever-greater globalization.

What is the Safari of the 21st Century and how will we know when we are on it, or discover that we are the "savages" within it?

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Catherine Sullivan with Sean Griffin: Triangle of Need, The Chittendens & D-Pattern 
Friday, March 20 - Sunday, March 29 
Free + Open to the Public

As part of Sean Griffin's second residency, EMPAC presents three video installations that cover the past six years of his integral collaboration with the artist Catherine Sullivan. Sullivan's work comes out of theater, but has become primarily realized as multi-screen video installation with Griffin scoring and collaborating on the overall aurality of the work, in one case even authoring a pseudo-Neanderthal language used throughout Triangle of Need.

Opening: Friday, March 20th, 7 - 10 PM

Walkthrough with Sean Griffin: Saturday March 21st, 1 PM

Exhibition open daily:

Friday, March 20: 7pm - 10 PM 
Saturday, March 21: 10am - 9 PM 
Sunday, March 22: 11am - 5 PM
Monday, March 23: 10am - 6 PM
Tuesday, March 24: 10am - 9 PM 
Wednesday, March 25: 10am - 6 PM
Thursday, March 26: 10am - 10 PM 
Friday, March 27: 10am - 10 PM
Saturday, March 28: 10am - 10 PM
Sunday, March 29: 11am - 5 PM

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Johannes Goebel

Johannes Goebel: Wandering between the Worlds 
Saturday, March 21, 3 PM Workshop + 7 PM Concert
One ticket gets you into both workshop and concert!

EMPAC can be seen as a big instrument that bridges the world we can see, hear, touch and move around in, the world we can experience, and the intangible realm of digital computers that can only become meaningful when it is connected to our experience through sound, light, images, movement or anything our senses can perceive.

While in the Old World, Johannes Goebel built non-traditional instruments out of wood, metal and plastic; when in the New World, he programmed instruments in digital code. (For a few decades he also played music on ready-mades like pots and pans, scrap-metal and radios, wrenches, defunct pianos and garden hoses.)

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Frédéric Bevilacqua 
Tuesday, March 24, 7 PM 
Free + Open to the Public 

Frédéric Bevilacqua, leader of the Real Time Musical Interactions team at IRCAM — the Paris-based Institute for Music/Acoustic Research and Coordination — will share his current research in gesture analysis and software development, including real-time demonstrations of potential applications in music and dance.

Bevilacqua and his colleagues are working on new paradigms for music performance and the interaction between gesture and sound/video processes. His most recent research involves the development of augmented musical instruments such as the "augmented violin," gesture analysis for performing arts, and applications in music pedagogy.

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Tere Oconnor

Tere O'Connor: Rammed Earth 
Thursday, March 26, 8 PM 
Friday, March 27, 8 PM
Saturday, March 28, 5 + 8 PM


In Rammed Earth, Tere O'Connor interweaves dancers, audience and the space they share. Inspired by 'sentient architecture' - in which structures change form in response to temperature, climate or human interactivity - the performance is adapted for each venue. Audience members are incorporated into the expanding, contracting, liquid space of the work as they are escorted into different viewing positions throughout. The four performers create an intimate and shifting environment around and among them, layering motion, gesture and emotion. Space is limited so reserve now!

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Béla Fleck: The Africa Project 
Saturday, March 28, 8 PM 

Béla Fleck brought the banjo back to Africa to discover its roots. His subsequent collaborations with African musicians were captured in the acclaimed film Throw Down Your Heart and inspired his landmark tour, which features kora master Toumani Diabate, along with Anania Ngoliaga and John Kitime, Vusi Mahanasela, D'Gary and Mario.

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