Friday, May 08, 2009

[HvEXAS] EMPAC | Rafael Toral, The Space Program | Friday, May 8th, 8 PM


Rafael Toral, The Space Program  
Friday, May 8, 8 PM 

EMPAC welcomes Portuguese artist and musician Rafael Toral.

Known best for his masterpiece of avant-rock guitar, Wave Field, Toral has collaborated with such innovators as Sonic Youth, Jim O'Rourke and John Zorn.

In his newest works, The Space Program, Toral uses physical gestures to control oscillators, acoustic feedback, and filters, creating invisible instruments in the air.

Toral constructs a unique relationship between performing and sound materials. This isn't just mouse clicking and screen staring, but an exhilarating post-free-jazz electronic musical language.

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Yvon Bonenfant: Beacons  
Friday + Saturday, May 29 + 30, 8 PM
Free + Open to the Public

Beacons is an homage: to love, to loss, to the act of longing. Extended vocalist Yvon Bonenfant combines the astonishing and virtuosic range of his human instrument with the magical and winsome qualities of flashing light to explore the notion of voice as signal and of light as reaching. "Humans leave beacons behind when they can't be there," says Bonenfant. They are, he suggests, "the international, technologised language of warning and of absence."

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The Art of Science – The Science of Art  
Monday + Tuesday, May 11 + 12, 9 AM 

A superb group of speakers will explore connections among technology, science, and the arts at the upcoming Ninth Annual RPI Colloquium on Teaching and Learning (in the EMPAC Theater). Speakers include Roger Reynolds, the Pulitzer prize-winning composer and pioneer of digital technology and music; Andrea Halpern, a cognitive psychologist exploring how the brain, memory and music work; Marina Wallace, director of Universal Leonardo; and science writer Michael Balter on the origins of symbolism and art. Rensselaer researchers will also share recent innovations in telematic music, virtual environments and augmented reality. Lunch will be provided in EMPAC's Evelyn's café. The first day concludes with a reception and chamber music by the Perfect Duo. 

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