Friday, May 29, 2009

[HvEXAS] Saturday's Best, On The Irish Mist's Back Patio Troy, 5pm to 10pm FREE

Come join us for some fun in the sun at The Irish Mist's wonderful Back Patio this Saturday from 5pm to 10pm. This event is Free and will be hosting guest Djs each month of the summer.

With Dj's...

Lazer & Blazer

Balearic kind of stuff, maybe ? The early-1990s Balearic Beat sound was typified by a distinctive, relatively heavy, slow (115–120 bpm), R&B-influenced beat consisting of bass drum, snare, and hi-hats programmed in certain laid-back, swing-beat patterns; plus soul, Latin, African, funk, and dub affectations; and production techniques borrowed from other styles of dance music particularly House, Dub & Disco. Vocals are sometimes present, but much of the music is instrumental. The sounds of acoustic instruments such as guitar and piano are sometimes incorporated into Balearic House.

Robin Moreau

Robin Moreau was introduced to the scene in 1996 and hasn't looked back. It was a small group of friends who had already been playing, promoting, and dancing around the east coast that fueled her new found passion for the sounds of electronic music. She has been spinning her unique blend of deep, tech, and funky house since 2001. Robin has shared bills with dj's such as Jelo, Tommy Sunshine, Jason Hodges, Lazer & Blazer, and Craig Hamilton. She currently lives in Troy and has joined forces with Artificial Productions.

Scooby Carolan

The Sound of breakbeat pioneers like The Bassbin Twins & Metro L.A. found Scooby Carolan in the basement of a friends house in 1996. "I had heard some electronic music before, but hearing those early Acid & Funky Breaks just hooked me. It was this whole new musical world with strange instruments and sounds. I wanted in." 

Within six months of getting his first set of turntables Scooby was spinning in front of large crowds and putting out mixtapes as fast as he could get records. "Part of the thrill was finding records. It was so tough that when you found records, each one was a treasure." 

Well over a decade after throwing himself in the mix, Scooby has built a solid reputation in North America. He is a crowd rocking Fidget & Glitch House DJ who's high energy sets range from mellow to pure funk. He's equally at home playing with legendary Drum & Bass DJs like AK1200, Evol Intent, & Ewun as he is with Simply Jeff, Adam X, & Tommie Sunshine. 

Scooby Carolan is the head of Massive Audio. A close knit collective of DJs, producers, and promoters centered around a record store of the same name in Albany, NY. He has played all over the USA and released several mixes over the Internet that have received great reviews. 

Currently, his newest web project is a House Music & Culture blog called 1TIME that aims to promote not only musicians, but artists and more. Contributions are always welcome! Check out or to find out more.

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