Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[HvEXAS] The Official Unofficial Troy Night Out Afterparty | Fri. 06/26 from 9 pm to 2 am | FREE | Daisy Baker's + Bacchus Troy, NY

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The Official Unofficial Troy Night Out Afterparty
(presented by Goodship & Daisy Baker's + Bacchus)

Friday June 26th, 2009
9 pm to 2 am
Daisy Baker's + Bacchus
33 2nd Street, Troy, New York
FREE as a bird / got to be 18 to get in (ID required)

+ sound (upstairs):

cml (
jenkins (
back from japan (

+ sound (downstairs)

Lazer & Blazer (

+ vision:

skfl (

+ words:

You know what is overrated? The future. Where's my freaking jet
pack? Cities on the moon? Sassy robot maids? Hot and cold running
Tang? Do they even sell Tang anymore? And, in hindsight, what does
Tang have to do with the future? It's just water mixed with sugar and
artificial coloring. Couldn't they at least get up to element 119 on
the table (ununoctium is so 2002). The future makes me so mad...
Well, the distant future, anyway - the not-too-distant future has the
Goodship crew taking over both Daisy Baker's and Bacchus for two
floors of sonic + visual shenanigans. And really, when was the last
time you let yourself have a full-on shenan? Joining the Goodship
regulars (all of our restraining orders have lapsed, plus we got our
shots for this one - promise) will be cml (top floor, top shelf beats)
and Lazer & Blazer (ground floor on & on - all night!), which pretty
much just means this will be unstoppable. As opposed to the future,
which is apparently entirely stoppable - transporters? C'mon.



+ For more information on The Official Unofficial Troy Night Out
Afterparty, please visit

+ For more information on Troy Night Out, please visit
+ For more information on Goodship, please visit
+ For more information on Daisy Baker's + Bacchus, please visit
or call 518.266.9200.


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