Monday, July 27, 2009

[HvEXAS] The Official Unofficial Troy Night Out Afterparty: Discotheque! | Fri. 07/31 from 9 pm to 2 am | FREE | Daisy Baker's, Troy, NY [1 Attachment]


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(a.k.a. The Official Unofficial Troy Night Out Afterparty - presented
by Goodship & Daisy Baker's)

Friday July 31, 2009
9 pm to 2 am
Daisy Baker's
33 2nd Street, Troy, New York
FREE as a bird / got to be 18 to get in (ID required)

+ sound:

Lazer & Blazer (
Ryan Kick (
Jenkins (
Back From Japan (

+ vision:

skfl (

+ words:

I don't get why Morrissey wanted to burn down the disco. I mean, it
is seems like that dude would want to put the fire out - or at least
fireproof the place ahead of time. Asbestos! Disco! Sure, I'm
pretty sure Richard Simmons' mom had a disco 12" out at some point,
but that does not totally detract from the raw WOW that is really,
really good disco. Moroder! Arthur Russell! Larry Levan! Cerrone!
All those italo dudes with barely pronouncable names and/or straight-
up ridiculous monikers! None of those people mentioned will be at
Daisy's on Friday (well, at least not that I know of - I will keep my
eyes peeled on the RSVP list), but they will be coming out of the
speakers - spun by Lazer & Blazer plus Ryan Kick from elsewhere and
the Goodship DJs from a few houses down. And mark my words: if
someone does not play "Spacer Woman" by Charlie, there will be a
legitimate reckoning (I'd request "Kiss Me Again" by Dinosaur, but
that seems unlikely - bummer). Bring a disco ball! Or just the
willingness to 1970's it up...



+ For more information on The Official Unofficial Troy Night Out
Afterparty, please visit or

+ For more information on Troy Night Out, please visit
+ For more information on Goodship, please visit
+ For more information on Daisy Baker's, please visit
or call 518.266.9200.



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