Friday, September 25, 2009

[HvEXAS] Re: Tonight | Fri. Sept. 25th | Troy Night Out + Quadricentennial Celebration | Arts Center & Monument Square | 5pm-1am | Crazytown!


AND a special monochromatic light installation by Gabriel Diaz.  Watch color disappear and then bring it back with a flashlight.  Open all day!

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 10:34, Kevin Luddy <> wrote:
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21st Century Celebration of Light & Sounds
(presented by Troy Night Out, Goodship, the Arts Center, and more)

followed by

The Official Unofficial Troy Night Out Afterparty
(presented by Goodship & The Arts Center of the Capital Region)

Friday September 25th , 2009
5pm - 9pm :: Troy Night Out Celebrations in Monument Square
9pm - 1am :: TNO Afterparty at the Arts Center
265 River Street, Troy, New York, 12180

Officially the biggest and baddest TNO afterparty we have ever done (in my humble opinion). A Party in an Art Gallery? awesome. You stay classy Troy, stay classy.

On Friday, our gallery show culminates in a multi-media extravaganza from 5-9pm during Troy Night Out and the official Hudson Quadricentennial celebration.  After the fireworks (that's right!  fireworks tonight on the river!), join us in the Main Gallery for the party!

Special Events at the Arts Center and Monument Square include:

"Automated Glassware" light & sound installation in Monument Square by Jesse Stiles
"Drawing Remixed" video and illustration performance by lmnopf, including special guest artists Michelle Wright and more
Improvisational jam session by Albany Sonic Arts Collection in the Black Box 
Demos of circuit-bending techniques by Casperland in the Arts Center
Video game demos by 1st Playable in the Digital Artist Space
McGillicuddy djing the main gallery 7-9
Fireworks on the river!!

9pm-1am - Official Unofficial TNO Afterparty :: $2
Jesse Stiles & Troy Pohl - When these two get together, you feel like they are actually creating some new type of sound that's never been heard before.  A special treat indeed. 
We Are Architects - How we got all these great guests the same night, I don't know.  Patrick takes it back and then fast forwards to tomorrow.  
Goodship DJ's - back from japan & jenkins keep it going till late

Jason Cosco

Official Blurb:

Musicians affiliated with the Albany Sonic Arts Collective and Casper Land will present a future-oriented and compelling collection of short improvisatory explorations, in solo, duo, and larger group formats, in the Black Box Theatre. Music will be presented around the theater, in "round robin" style, with video projections by Jason Cosco. The format will allow for unplanned collaboration and exciting new collisions in sound.

Psychedelic? Soothing? Bewildering? Futuristic? Hypnotic? Joyous? Mesmerizing?
All of the above and much much more! Tape manipulation and electronics from G. Lucas Crane (Nonhorse and Woods) and Eric Hardiman (Rambutan, Century Plants), guitar improv, vocals and feedback loops from Ray Hare (Fossils From the Sun, Century Plants), circuit bent and homemade electronic wizardy from Pete Edwards, modified electric banjo and electronics from Holland Hopson, and improvised percussion and electronics from Matt Weston will combine in striking and new ways. Don't miss this chance to see world class experimental musicians present their unique sonic visions in a superb Troy space.

In the galleries, you'll find a live video remix of local illustrators by lmnopf, live DJ's , circuit- bending demos by Casperland, a video game showcase from 1st Playable in the Digital Artist Space, works from NYFA MARK program artists.

Step outside the doors and experience a colossal light and sound installation in Monument Square.

Finally, stay late and dance! At 9pm, the Official Unofficial Troy Night Out Afterparty pushes the edges of multimedia art even further in the main gallery. See the artists in action, with live music and video collaborations featuring thejessestiles3000, We are Architects, back from japan, jenkins, and many more! $2 entrance (18+) after 9pm.

Beer, wine and light fare by Brown's Brewing Company available.

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