Saturday, March 20, 2010

[HvEXAS] TONIGHT: My Robot Friend vs. Disposable Rocket Band! Live Video Craziness from LMNOPF! DJ's Midas and Back from Japan! in Albany!


Have you guys been to the Market Place Gallery at 40 Broadway in Albany? They've been putting on some happening events. It is rumored that it will serve as a heated battle ground for a battle of epic proportions.

Electro pop, prog dance, robot love ballads, LED pattern brain printing through stinging retinas are among some of the down and dirty weaponry being amassed by various sides. Neuro linguistic programming will blast from My Robot Friend in the form of ass shaking, brain decompiling muso-visual awesomeness from NYC. DisposableRocket Band will represent on home turf with electric thrash dance that will decimate innocent bystanders with precision guided musical flash bombs.

Trojan fire-power, with 'sex bomb' tipped rockets and sound cannons provided by Back From Japan along with Live Video Stunners design and operation by LMNOPF Presents: Citizen Burger.

And all this is happening in Albany, right by the UHaul trucks in the sky (you know where that is).

So perhaps do the PCP Curling this weekend, and lets hit Albany on Saturday on March 20th!

Also, Buster is the tech guy for My Robot Friend!!!

Its gonna be awesome! And we need your excellently firm Trojan asses to bring it up to the level of true greatness, because lets face it, you are the ones that have the true grit!


Time: 8pm
Date: Saturday, March 20th, 2010
Destination: map
What: My Robot Friend vs. Disposable Rocket Band vs. Back From Japan vs. LMNOPF Presents: Citizen Burger vs. Others
Flier, by yours truly, attached.

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