Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[HvEXAS] Lounge @ Quintessence: DJ Blazer's B-Day Get Down!!! (Apr. 3)


It's your night to get down like you can only get down once a year, because on Saturday April, 3rd, we're all getting down for DJ Blazer's B-Day Get Down! How else could we recognize this special night except to have guest DJ Dave Washburn come by and drop a 6-dimensional set of 80s inspired dance fire.

You can count on DJs Lazer & Blazer to bring some heavy good house and Balearic bam, while Properly Chilled drops the heavy dub bass and spicy rhythms. Serious underground dance vibes!

Come on out and help us all celebrate Blazer's (aka George) birthday!!!!


Quintessence - 11 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY

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