Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[HvEXAS] FREE Wilderness dress rehearsals at EMPAC tonight + tomorrow!


Hello Tiena + HVEXAS - there are two free dress rehearsals for a canary torsi | Yanira Castro dance performance / installation Wilderness (in the EMPAC lobby) ahead of Filament, and we would like an audience there to get the full-on experience. If you can make it (particularly that one during the work day), please let me know as soon as possible (emailing me at, and I will make sure the seats are reserved (there are 40 per show). The piece is 75 minutes and you will be seated for 30 minutes of it - you will also potentially be included EMPAC / the company's photo + video documentation.

All the information is below - I hope you can attend this free sneak peek of one of the Filament performances / installations.

Jason Steven

P.S. Feel free to send this around to any + all.


a canary torsi | Yanira Castro: Wilderness
Wednesday, September 29 @ 7 PM - Evening Dress Rehearsal
Thursday, September 30 @ 1 PM - Afternoon Dress Rehearsal

Wilderness unfolds on a dark field in the entrance lobby of EMPAC, and all who inhabit the space — dancers, crew, musicians, and audience — share the same ecosystem. In this site-adaptive work, choreographer Yanira Castro contemplates wilderness as a minimalist environment — a barren desert or the smooth surface of a lake — where action is brought into high relief. The performance begins with a stark, emotional solo by an older man, followed by a quartet of dancers that perform a virtuosic dance, transforming the terrain. Viewers become a part of the performance system, as their behavior influences the sound and movement. No two performances are the same.

Curator: Hélène Lesterlin

Check out a rehearsal clip here:

"Forget the safety of distance; this is the palpable sensation of art — up-close and personal." — Debra Griboff, Encore Magazine

"Yanira Castro's intimate dance performance recaptures life's most private stolen moments…Castro here challenges all your assumptions about performance, and forces you to wake up. Gamble on it." — Elizabeth Zimmer, Metro

"Castro's work is intellectual. Her movement is quirky; remarkably polished performances propel her unexpected stutters and awkward positions... Castro's smart, kooky shenanigans captivate..." — Chris Dohse, The Village Voice

Puerto Rican born and Brooklyn-based director/choreographer Yanira Castro collaborates with a core group of performers and designers. She creates hybrid performance works that integrate movement, installation, music, text, and visual elements such as film and video. She is the director/instigator of a canary torsi, an organism engaged in the creation of multi-disciplinary art collaborations. Castro has earned a reputation for creatively rethinking audiences' perceptual and sensorial experiences of a performance, and her work has been presented throughout the US and in Europe. She received her B.A. in Theater & Dance and Literature from Amherst College.

a canary torsi creates site-adaptable dance projects within visual and audio environments. Established in 2009 by New York director/choreographer Yanira Castro, a canary torsi invites audiences to engage in scenarios that are anchored around live performance and extend into other media and online platforms. These multidisciplinary arts collaborations incorporate unconventional sites and transform traditional venues. Ranging from formalist movement and immersive audio installations to fictional Twitter feeds and photographic narratives, Castro's collaborations plunder behavior, gesture, text, and sound from a multitude of sources — fiction, film, photographs, ballads, historical artifacts — to engage participants in an immediate, personal encounter with the work.

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