Thursday, September 16, 2010

[HvEXAS] Sunset to Sunrise Party "The Good Life"


and another party!!

The Summer closing party!!

44 south pearl on the roof this Friday night!/event.php?eid=147246421982617&ref=mf

We will be rockin out from sunset to sunrise!! we will also have a second room ! DnB, Dub Step, House and whatever else you like to hear will be played on this night!

Jen Haley
The Saboteurs (Jay Balance & Big White)
The Dark Flow
scooby carolan
lazer and blazer
just the sauce
brother suarez
Nicky Bruise
Joey Costa
Eric G
Kip Dj-Prophet Chapman
Dj Salt
middle skool mark
Eric Egnor

This event is 18+
5$ for 21+ / 10$ for 18+

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