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[HvEXAS] Graham Parker | Part I: Deface the currency


Graham Parker: The Confidence Man
Part I of IV

How to use an ATM

When you see the Welcome screen insert and remove your card

When prompted, input your PIN and press ENTER

Press the button that corresponds to the service you require and follow the onscreen instructions

Think about where your feet are

The machine will attempt to connect and confirm your transaction

Remove all cash and receipts from your transaction

Confirm that you require no further services

Deface the Currency

After his expulsion from the provincial city of Sinope for defacing coins, a young Diogenes visited the Oracle at Delphi and asked what he should do to achieve renown. To his surprise the Oracle told him to "deface the currency". Diogenes the Cynic then made this his life's work - disturbing unquestioned methods of exchange and consistently pointing out things as they were, rather than as they should be.


Graham Parker has long been interested in spectrality — the concealing of one set of operations behind the appearance of another. Most of the work in The Confidence Man is united by an interest in presenting objects that have the look or texture of something recognizable (a newspaper, a neon sign, an ATM, a documentary…) but which at second glance have crucial elements missing or distorted, so that our "confidence" in them is undermined.

Visit Graham onsite
March 21 – April 8, 2011

For the first three weeks of the exhibition, Parker will be working in the space from 12 – 6 PM Monday – Thursday, using the exhibition as a studio and making ongoing alterations to the installation. Parker will be available for conversations with the public on a drop-in basis if he is not otherwise engaged. To book or confirm a tour or conversation with the artist, please contact the EMPAC box office at 518.276.3921.

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