Monday, March 14, 2011

[HvEXAS] Lounge at Daisy Baker's w/Matt Brownell & Daniel Gutiérrez this Saturday


This Daisy's we're bringing up Brooklyn native's Matt Brownell & Daniel Gutiérrez.!/event.php?eid=186840238022311

Daniel Gutiérrez has been a DJ and record digger since he moved to NYC 8 years ago. As a young buck he studied piano and guitar before moving to NYC to study literature and electronic music. A chance meeting with Matt Brownell led to their joint radio show "The Get Slow Show" where both the cosmic and the funky are explored in equal measure.Daniel... Gutiérrez now interns for the esteemed Environ Records label and experiments with synthesizers in his home studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

You can listen to some of Daniel Gutiérrez selections here.

The first is a downtempo 30 minute mix with 60s, 70s, and 80s stuff:
The second is the most recent Get Slow radio show that he did with Matt. It's over 2 hours long:

A Blurb about Matt Brownell will be up soon!

In the mean time you can catch them at February 24 and March 10 from 9 to 11pm

Or for your instant aural pleasure you can listen to Matt at:

Joining them will be your residents for the night Lazer & Blazer;

Lazer and Blazer are a team forged in the bowels of good music. They (Adam Littleboy & George Washburn respectively) have been friends for almost 15 years but only began djing together as Lazer and Blazer about three years ago. Separately they had been djing bedrooms and clubs for a few years prior. They quickly found that they made a good team, and the sound that they sought to bring to the area was a unique one. Locally, it seemed as though people started to agree and they began to get booked at various communions and bar mitzvahs.

This ended up being such a good time that in 2009 they decided it was time to start throwing regular events in the Capital District. That's when they teamed up with Properly Chilled and together, began putting on nights as a DJ collective called Select Rhythms, keeping rugs cut ever since at places like Quintessence and Daisy Baker's. Their sound can simply be described as eclectic, and depending on the mood of the crowd it will vary, but always be prepared for lots of the boogie. In December 2010 Properly Chilled rode off on a unicorn to be seen from and heard from again, and now Lazer and Blazer are free to begin their lifelong dream of starting a freestyle polka company.

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Saturday March 19th
There is a $5 dollar cover after 10pm, free before.
Ages 18+

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