Friday, September 21, 2012

[HvEXAS] Tim Hecker performs new pulse-based works after week-long residency | Fri. 09/28 | EMPAC, Troy, NY

Tim Hecker
Friday, September 28, 2012, 8 PM
EMPAC Concert Hall, Troy, NY
$18 (discounted tickets available)

Tim Hecker performs new pulse-based works in EMPAC's Concert Hall after week-long residency

One of the leading figures in ambient and experimental electronic music today, Canadian Tim Hecker's work juxtaposes distortion and noise with tranquility and spirituality. Investigating new "pulse-based" works that use sound samples of prepared piano, organ, string synthesizer, and other instruments, Hecker will spend a week designing a site-specific multiple speaker arrangement for his performance in the Concert Hall.

Tim Hecker is a Canadian-based musician and sound artist. Since 1996, he has produced a range of audio works for Kranky, Alien8, Mille Plateaux, Room40, Force Inc., Staalplaat, and Fat Cat. His works have been described as "structured ambient," "tectonic color plates," and "cathedral electronic music." He has focused on exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance, and melody, fostering an approach to songcraft that is both physical and emotive. The New York Times has described his work as "foreboding, abstract pieces in which static and sub-bass rumbles open up around slow moving notes and chords, like fissures in the earth waiting to swallow them whole." His Harmony in Ultraviolet received critical acclaim, including being recognized by Pitchfork as a top recording of 2006. Radio Amor was also recognized as a key recording of 2003 by Wire Magazine. His work has included commissions for contemporary dance, sound-art installations, as well as various writings. He currently resides in Montreal.

Tickets are $18 general admission; $13 non-Rensselaer students, seniors, and Rensselaer faculty + staff; and $6 Rensselaer students (must provide ID for discounted tickets).

Evelyn's Café will open at 7 PM with a full menu of meals, snacks, and beverages as well as a selection of wines. Service continues after the performance. Parking is available in the Rensselaer parking lot on College Avenue.

More information can be found on the EMPAC website: Questions? Call the EMPAC Box Office: 518.276.3921.

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