Thursday, August 20, 2009

[HvEXAS] Dance Lab, Friday August 21st, Valentines, 17 New Scotland Ave


Dance Lab This Friday August 21st  Valentines, 17 New Scotland Ave 18+ $5 Cover 10pm to 3am  Robin Moreau: Robins sound much in the same way, say, free jazz is. On first listen, the genres are practically opposites, but in approach and execution, they are remarkably similar—it isn't about the melodies, it's about the sounds and the feelings. The "challenge" in free jazz is to follow all the different parts down their winding paths and to see the craft and invention in its rendering. The "challenge" in dub techno is the opposite, to find the excitement and movement in what at first sounds like a static and unmoving piece  Lazer N Blazer: Their sound consists of variations between house or Italo house and deep house influenced sounds and a slower R&B-influenced (under 119bpm) beat consisting of bass drum, snare, and hi-hats programmed in certain laid-back, swing-beat patterns; plus soul, Latin, African, funk, and dub affectations; and production techniques borrowed from other styles of dance music that were popular at the time. Vocals are sometimes present, but much of their music is instrumental. The sounds of acoustic instruments such as guitar and piano are sometimes incorporated.  Scooby Carolan: Scooby's sound consists of Tech house, like progressive house, represents a fusion of house and techno. However, whereas progressive house tends to incorporate atmospheric, ethereal, almost ambient sounds and is often mixed to varying degrees with trance and progressive trance, tech-house tends to have more in common with soulful deep house, traditional Detroit-style techno, and contemporary minimal techno, with which it is often mixed in practice. As one reviewer for suggested, this style fuses "steady techno rhythms with the soul and accessibility of house."  This Friday August 21st  Valentines, 17 New Scotland Ave 18+ $5 Cover 10pm to 3am

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