Tuesday, April 06, 2010

[HvEXAS] Up the Ying-Yang and out the Wazoo!


We got cult movies up the Ying-Yang and out the Wazoo! We also have the largest indoor screens in the Capitol Region (and a brand new projector that blows absolutely everything else away!).

All events begin at 7pm and feature shorts, clips, games, prizes and loads of embarrassingly ridiculous behavior. Admission to "Soul Cinema" and "Superfly Sistas" is $12, but admission is only $8 for all other nights.

Sat. 4/10
Holy Floyd!
featuring Pink Floyd's The Wall + secret VERY EXPERIMENTAL 2nd film ("Holy" is the hint)

Sat. 4/17
60's SciFi Super Show
featuring Planet of the Apes + secret 2nd "fantastic" film.

Fri. 4/23
Alice Unchained!
featuring Alice In Wonderland (1933) + secret late nite "after hours" feature.

Sat. 5/1
Tribute to Soul Cinema
featuring regional premiere of Black Dynamite + live performance.

Fri. 5/7
An Absolutely Whole New Level of Awesome!
featuring regional premiere of the incredible experimental HAUSUH (aka House) + equally batshit 2nd feature.

Fri. 6/4
Superfly Sistas
featuring Coffy + live performance.

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