Tuesday, April 06, 2010

[HvEXAS] Re: Up the Ying-Yang and out the Wazoo!


Oops! These events will be held at the GE Theatre at Proctors. 432 State Street, Schenectady.

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> We got cult movies up the Ying-Yang and out the Wazoo! We also have the largest indoor screens in the Capitol Region (and a brand new projector that blows absolutely everything else away!).
> All events begin at 7pm and feature shorts, clips, games, prizes and loads of embarrassingly ridiculous behavior. Admission to "Soul Cinema" and "Superfly Sistas" is $12, but admission is only $8 for all other nights.
> Sat. 4/10
> Holy Floyd!
> featuring Pink Floyd's The Wall + secret VERY EXPERIMENTAL 2nd film ("Holy" is the hint)
> Sat. 4/17
> 60's SciFi Super Show
> featuring Planet of the Apes + secret 2nd "fantastic" film.
> Fri. 4/23
> Alice Unchained!
> featuring Alice In Wonderland (1933) + secret late nite "after hours" feature.
> Sat. 5/1
> Tribute to Soul Cinema
> featuring regional premiere of Black Dynamite + live performance.
> Fri. 5/7
> An Absolutely Whole New Level of Awesome!
> featuring regional premiere of the incredible experimental HAUSUH (aka House) + equally batshit 2nd feature.
> Fri. 6/4
> Superfly Sistas
> featuring Coffy + live performance.

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