Monday, April 11, 2011

[HvEXAS] Graham Parker | Part III: Marx Marks


Graham Parker: The Confidence Man
Part III of IV

Marx Marks

Marx marks

(left) Illustration from Spectres of Marks, book five of Graham Parker's collection Fair Use (notes from spam). The gravestone is that of Benjamin Marks, a con artist who pioneered an elaborate form of confidence trick on the Pacific Union railroad, that is echoed in the online "phishing" scams of the internet era. He gave us the term "mark" for victim.

(right) Social Capital (2011); hand-painted neon based on bar code of Capital Vol.3 by Karl Marx; Graham Parker. 


Graham Parker has long been interested in spectrality — the concealing of one set of operations behind the appearance of another. Most of the work in The Confidence Man is united by an interest in presenting objects that have the look or texture of something recognizable (a newspaper, a neon sign, an ATM, a documentary…) but which at second glance have crucial elements missing or distorted, so that our "confidence" in them is undermined.

March 21 – April 30, 2011

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