Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[HvEXAS] REMINDER: iEAR Presents: Dancing for Dara, TONIGHT at West Hall Auditorium

Dancing for Dara


West Hall Auditorium

April 27, 2011 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Image credit: Ben Coonley, One Trick Pony. Image courtesy Video Data Bank

Video Data Bank has assembled a video program composed of work by internationally-recognized artists who believe that art and other forms of expression can be a means toward a more equitable society.  This program has screened in cities across the country over the last months receiving much acclaimThe works range from the documentation of creative street actions to fictionalized histories and experimental documentaries.  This collection of work illustrates how contemporary video serves as an important site for creative approaches to politics and extremely serious fun.  In some ways, this video program embodies the sentiment that if there isn't dancing during the revolution, we don't want to join in.  Come join us for Dancing For Dara, a screening composed of beautiful, radiant things that shine in the face of exploitation, incarceration, illness, environmental destruction, and prejudice. 

If you want to support Dara but cannot attend this event, please visit:

This program is a benefit screening for Dara Greenwald,
video artist, E-ARTS PhD student, and activist, who is currently battling cancer.  Through her work, she has met and befriended hundreds of people working in the creative and activist communities over the years.  The artists assembled in this program are only a few of the friends that are coming together to help Dara and her partner, Josh MacPhee, get through this very difficult time.  The enthusiasm and dedication of her community is a testament to her generous spirit, her sense of humor, and how important she is to us as a friend, organizer, and fellow-artist.

ALL proceeds from this program will go directly to Dara to help her in her battle with cancer.  Unable to work during her treatments, these funds will help to pay Dara's medical expenses not covered by her insurance, her daily living expenses, and enable Josh to take more time off of work to be a full-time caregiver.
For more information about Dara's art and curatorial work:
For more information about how to help Dara :


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