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[HvEXAS] Graham Parker | Part IV: Delinquents


Graham Parker: The Confidence Man
Part IV of IV


On April 19, 1965 Electronics Magazine published a paper by Gordon Moore in which he made a prediction about the semiconductor industry — claiming that the number of transistors on a chip will double roughly every two years. Moore's Law as it came to be known, has become a shorthand for the rate of technological progress.

The quote on the receipts above is part of a mailed response to a visitor to The Confidence Man who questioned Graham Parker about his use of the term "delinquency" in relation to his work.

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Graham Parker has long been interested in spectrality — the concealing of one set of operations behind the appearance of another. Most of the work in The Confidence Man is united by an interest in presenting objects that have the look or texture of something recognizable (a newspaper, a neon sign, an ATM, a documentary…) but which at second glance have crucial elements missing or distorted, so that our "confidence" in them is undermined.

March 21 – April 30, 2011

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